A new kind of politcs

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Rural Divide

Tackling the rural divide. It always feels like we're last in the queue. Mid Norfolk deserves to have a stronger voice.​

Climate Change​

Acting urgently on climate changeEverything else will be short-lived if we don't seize the opportunity to curb the effects of global warming.


Bringing people into the conversation about politics. Whether we remain or leave, we need to reunite our country and that will only come about through conversation.

A new kind of politics

Build green, affordable housing that meets the needs of communities not just developers – in particular when it comes to services like GPs and places for people to meet.
Make us proud of our towns, including regenerating our town centres, and protecting banks, local shops and post offices.
Invest in a properly networked, carbon-neutral approach to public transport.
Protect our beautiful environment by protecting green spaces and making them more accessible.
Help us make greener choices for example providing renewable energy grants.
Get better broadband and mobile reception across Norfolk.
Enshrine more rights in law, so it’s not just the lucky ones among us who can take things like employment rights, access to justice, and mental health for granted.
Ensure ambition and optimism in our young people isn’t crushed by the circumstances they’re born into.
Remove the life-restricting barriers caused by an unfair, two-tier education system.
Tackle the climate crisis by rewiring our economic model to be green and socially inclusive.
Address rural poverty by reducing loneliness and funding services where people need them most.
Re-establish Britain’s role within the European Union as a leading light for new ideas and better solutions to world problems.
Learn the lessons of history by standing up to demagogues before too many people start to believe their lies.
Recognize that we do not own the world, and its resources are not ours to exploit for our own profit.
Promote peace by opposing all wars, including the preparation for war.

Who i am

  • Born and brought up in Blickling
  • Worked as a technology entrepreneur and film producer before entering politics
  • Believes Westminster contains too many people who have spent their whole careers in politics and have not spent enough time outside the bubble
  • Elected to Norfolk County Council in Melton Constable in 2017, going from fourth to first in a former UKIP seat
  • Deputy group leader on Norfolk County Council and the Liberal Democrat climate change spokesperson

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