Steff Aquarone:
The Next Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk

Together, let’s secure real change on 4th July and send this useless Conservative Government packing.


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    About Steff

    The man who’ll put North Norfolk back on the right path

    Politics wasn’t in Steff’s life plan. But after 20 years in industry, he could no longer sit on the sidelines. That’s why, in 2017, Steff stood for election and won the County Council seat for Melton Constable
    Since then, he has built a strong reputation for getting things done for local people: from saving school crossing patrols and securing a bank hub for Holt to protecting childcare provision in Wells-Next-The-Sea, Steff lets actions speak louder than words.
    North Norfolk is Steff’s home. Born and raised in Blickling, he lives with his wife and young family just outside North Walsham. He knows this seat like the back of his hand.
    Backed by former MP Sir Norman Lamb, Steff is in this fight to secure a fair deal for North Norfolk. As your next MP, he’ll campaign tirelessly to lift our NHS up off its knees, stop harmful sewage dumps, and always put North Norfolk first
    “I’ll always leave party politics at the door and do what’s right for North Norfolk. It’s time for rural seats like ours to get a fair deal, and that’s exactly what I’ll fight for day in, day out.”

    Key Priorities

    Fix our NHS

    Waiting times are at record highs. People can’t get an appointment to see a GP or NHS dentist. Ambulances take 8 hours to show up. This can’t go on. As your next MP, I’ll make sure you can see a GP within seven days, or 24 hours if urgent, and help introduce free personal care for adults to help ease hospital bed-blocking pressures and help people stay in their own homes.

    End the sewage scandal

    It is simply unforgivable that the Conservatives have allowed raw sewage to be dumped off our precious coastline, harming our environment and tourism economy. From day one as your MP, I’ll get to work ending the sewage scandal and make water companies pay to clean up their own mess through a new Sewage Tax.

    Put North Norfolk first

    In a place as special and unique as North Norfolk, we deserve independent-minded representation. That’s why it’s so appalling that our Conservative MP hasn’t once rebelled against his useless Conservative Government. Here’s my promise to you: I will always leave party politics at the door and put North Norfolk first. That means putting our communities’ needs ahead of my party’s and getting results for you and your family.

    key policy areas

    My Plan For Housing

    England’s housing market is profoundly unfair, with a secure home becoming increasingly impossible for millions of people, especially the young, less well off and ethnic minorities.
    Successive governments have pursued policies to benefit homeowners, without considering the impact on those without property.
    A fair deal is needed for housing, which provides for the needs of everyone, not just homeowners, and meets the aspirations of millions of younger people and the less well off to have the security that older generations and the wealthy enjoy.

    My Plan For Health

    Under this Conservative Government the UK has only become sicker and is lagging far behind its international peers. Instead of taking action they have allowed our health to decline, particularly that of children.
    To make matters worse, more than 7 million people are currently waiting for NHS treatment, cancer wait times targets continue to be missed across the board, and demand for GPs services continues to outstrip supply.
    50% of the health burden across the country is lifestyle induced. We must tackle this head on, to ensure that people have good physical health, mental health, and social health, and to protect our NHS for the future.

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